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You can Become a Saint!

You can Become a Saint!

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By Mary Ann Budnik.  You Can Become a Saint! explains that sainthood isn't optional.  It's the purpose for our existence.  John Paul II told us in 1987, "The world needs saints.  Holiness is not the privilege of a few it is a gift offered to all".  But aren't saints special people? No!  With the grace of God, our determination, and applying what the experts consider the ABC's of becoming a saint, we can all grow in holiness.  Topics include: your call to holiness, God's love for you, sanctifying one's vocation, your guardian angel, the role of Scripture, and spiritual reading in the making of saints, the importance of the sacraments, in particular the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist, Our Lady's role in your sanctification, what are virtues and how does one develop them, the importance of the virtue of fortitude (courage) and how to develop it, why suffer, and how to utilize God's abundant graces to grow holy. 

Softcover, 316 pages.




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