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You Did It to Me - A Practical Guide to Mercy in Action - Catholic Shoppe USA

You Did It to Me - A Practical Guide to Mercy in Action


By Michael E. Gaitley, MIC.  Pope Francis has announced a Jubilee Year of Mercy beginning December 8, 2015, and closing on November 20, 2016.  You Did It to Me is a valuable resource which answers questions on how to show works of mercy daily in a practical way.  It defines the foundation of mercy and explains the five scriptural works of mercy, as well as the three degrees of mercy -  actions, words, and prayers.  Included in this guide are a list of action items with check-off boxes to help you put together a strategy for "mercy in action."  Also provided are mercy prayers, including the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and meditations.  There are many insights on mercy to be gained from this book, such as my favorite one from St. Pope John Paul II:  "True Mercy is always a two-way street...where both the giver and the receiver are blessed.  If we don't realize this when we perform a work of mercy, it's not really mercy."  Join Pope Francis in this Jubilee Year of Mercy and reach out to others with your actions, words, and prayers.  Softcover, 191 pages.

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