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A Time for Miracles -

A Time for Miracles DVD

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A Powerful True Story of Healing in Medjugorje, produced & directed by Jack Sacco.  If you went to Medjugorje in the last century (the 1900's) you probably either heard about or bought the cassette tape Beyond the Fields, made by Jack Sacco. It was one of the greatest religious tapes ever made.  That's not just my opinion. People everywhere bought it and listened to the remarkable story of six children who were seeing the Mother of God every day.  The story was told in a most captivating way and the music, also written by Jack Sacco, touched your heart.  I tell you this because Jack has done it again with this film. He has a way of producing stories that captivate the heart. Yet, I sat mesmerized as I watched this story and listened again to the beautiful music played in the background; that same music from Beyond the Fields.  I don't think many people will say they still don't believe in Medjugorje after seeing A Time for Miracles. Hopefully, they'll book a flight there, and have a spiritual conversion.

Run time 80 minutes.


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