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Grounded in God - A Mature Experience of Faith

Grounded in God - A Mature Experience of Faith


Looking toward the "golden years," most people hope to fulfill dreams they never had time for.  Yet upon reaching that stage of life, many find that the longed-for leisure is impeded by bills that just never stop coming or occupied by elderly parents who need care.  But one aspect of life that does seem to get better is faith.  As things get worse, prayer comes more easily; as life gets more complicated, it is easier to trust in God.

Grounded in God  is a book of reflections dedicated to the growth of faith, hope, love, and laughter in the second half of life.  It is a collection of 50 articles, which were selected from over 400 the authors have published in Catholic newspaper columns throughout the country.  The personal experiences shared here are down to earth and easy to read. Instead of focusing on the end of life, this book helps readers focus on living life to the end.  Through ever-deepening faith, every day becomes an adventure.

Softcover, 128 pages.




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