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Holy Hands - 8 Stories of Lives Transformed by the Priesthood's Mysterious Power

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By Father Clement Joachim Machado.  Father gives us eight wonderful stories that tell how the priesthood transformed the lives of these people.  He gives an introduction before beginning the first person account of the story.  For example, in the case of Luis, he tells us the dangers of the devil today, including Pope Paul VI's remarks that the devil is real.  He isn't a symbol or figment of the imagination, but a very real being with will, with hatred, with intelligence far superior to anything human.  Then you read Luis's story of his life spiraling downward because of Ouja boards, psychics, and the occult.  Finally, through the holy hands of a priest, he is rescued.  You may already have a deep appreciation for the priesthood, but it will increase tenfold when you read this book.

Softcover, 191 pages.



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