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Joseph the Silent

Joseph the Silent


By Fr. Michel Gasnier   

The Gospels tell us very few words about St. Joseph.  Fr. Gasnier, a Dominican priest and scriptural scholar, reconstructs St. Joseph’s life to better understand his spirituality.  The book is faithful to the Gospels and to the teachings of the Church.  It begins with Joseph, as he is prefigured in the Old Testament and continues with his life until his quiet death.  Joseph is a model of true greatness in his service to God and neighbor.  Take to heart the words of St. Teresa of Avila:  “It seems to me that God grants to other saints the power to help us in such and such a need.  But, I know by experience that St. Joseph helps us in every need.”  What a role model and friend we have in St. Joseph.  Bring to him your needs, and he will help you.

Softcover, 155 pages. 



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