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My Journey to the Land of More

My Journey to the Land of More

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By Leona Choy.  I almost ignored this one.  I thought the title was weird.  Wrong!  The title is brilliant.   Leona was a lifelong, dyed in the wool, Evangelical Christian; in fact, a missionary.  Then her quest began for “more.”  In that quest, she brilliantly discovers and describes the answers to every tenet of the Catholic Church.  With great honesty, she lays bare her own self doubts, temptations, and fears.  One reviewer puts this book in the “drop-everything and read it” category.  I couldn't agree more.   The next time an Evangelical asks you a question about the Catholic Church, and you sense a bit of ridicule, give them this book.  Or give it to a friend who has left the Catholic Church. They - and you - will not be bored. 

Softcover, 166 pages. 




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