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Sun and Wind - The Legend of Joseph of Arimathea

Sun and Wind - The Legend of Joseph of Arimathea

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Sun and Wind introduces modern readers to the character of Joseph of Arimathea, one of the two members of the Sanhedrin who was a secret follower of Christ, and purported to be the first Christian believer to set foot in Britain. In this historical and religious novel, based on the ancient "Glastonbury" legend, Joseph is a reluctant missionary against ignorance, superstition, and cruelty, but who also encounters friendship and goodness among the various people he lives and works with. The novel's historic background draws on various sources such as the works of historian Flavius Josephus on the siege and destruction of Jerusalem, Roman accounts, and archeological studies of life in first century Britain. Although Joseph hardly knew Jesus, his life was radically changed by his brief contact with the Savior. Joseph gradually realizes his vocation to extend the new kingdom of God in this pagan land, and how much suffering it would take to achieve it. Sun and Wind is an exciting story of love, strength, and courage that will inspire readers of all ages.

Softcover, 220 pages.



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