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The Holy Cloak in Honor of St. Joseph

The Holy Cloak in Honor of St. Joseph


You give honor to St. Joseph and place yourself under the protection of his holy cloak, as you offer him this particular tribute for thirty consecutive days, in memory of the thirty years St. Joseph lived with Jesus, as his Foster Father.  The booklet attests, "The graces obtained from God through St. Joseph's intercession are too many to be numbered."  St. Teresa of Avila said, "Whoever does not believe should try it and be convinced."

The booklet continues, "St. Joseph's Cloak envelops us in his compassion, protecting and shielding us from all dangers, so that we may all, by the grace of Our Lord, reach the threshold of eternal salvation."  The booklet contains many prayers, plus the novena to St. Joseph.

Softcover, 39 pages.






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