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Volume Ten - Jesus Speaks to His Apostles - Catholic Shoppe USA

Volume Ten - Jesus Speaks to His Apostles


These messages were recorded by Anne, a lay apostle, in September and October, 2004. They contain messages from Jesus to His apostles. He is calling all of us to be his apostles. Jesus dedicates this volume to His servants, those who seek to spread His message of love and salvation. Just as the original apostles were sent out to build His Church, we are being sent out as his apostles to reclaim His Church. We are being commissioned to bring Christ to souls so that He can pull them from the darkness and back into the safety of the family of God. This volume gives those who have already begun to serve Christ, His apostles, the plan on how He wishes us to do this. He gives guidance and wisdom in dealing with the crosses and struggles that come with following Christ. He speaks of suffering, sacrifice and overcoming self-will. He also speaks of His great gratitude towards us and the unimaginable reward that awaits His servants when they come home to heaven.

"Dear children, I dedicate this little Volume to My servants, those who seek to spread My message of love and salvation. Dearest souls, so bravely serving the Kingdom, your reward will be great. Many of you have been pulled from sin and darkness yourselves and brought to the light. I welcomed your return as if you were My only child. The place reserved for you in My heart felt complete when you came back to Me. Truly and completely do I love you.

Now, we must seek out others. You will find them everywhere, and this is why you are serving everywhere. The souls who are at risk of eternal separation from Me are in each area of the worldly domain. Some are poor, some are wealthy. Some are looked down upon and some are highly respected. Some claim goodness, and some do not hide their affinity with the enemy. Regardless, I want them all. In this Volume, I intend to instruct you on how to reclaim what is ours, the souls of our brothers and sisters."
September 23, 2004

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